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Here you will find deleted scenes from the book. There is also a picture of what Patch found and other interesting information...

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Deleted Scenes

When I originally wrote Bones there were many more scenes in the story.
Because I had to cut words out, to get down to 6000 words for the book, some of my favourite scenes were cut. Such is the writers life.
However you can read some of them here...Click on Extra Bones to read an extra chapter and Extra Bones 2 for a funny extra scene near the end.


The First Review

I received the first review of Bones sent to me by Barbara Murison editor of Around The Bookshops before the bookwas even out. Here is what she said.

Hello Maureen

Congratulations! I have just read Bones over the lunch hour and I really loved it. It zips along at such a great pace, is original and very funny. When is the next one coming out I wonder?

I really like the new format for Kiwi Bites because kids could never resist putting the old ones with the real bites in them, in their mouths. Yuk!

Look forward to the launch.


Barbara M

I'm pleased she liked it I hope YOU like it too!!
You can read other reviews on the Xray page....or send me your own review in a comment.



bones book arrives

I have just got the first advance copy of my book Bones and it does look nice.